The report takes into account the vast literature on Jammu and Kashmir: scholarly .. The Group of Interlocutors was appointed on October 13, , following. 1, Organisational Chart, Download ( KB) pdf . 1, Report of the group of interlocutors for Jammu and Kashmir-A New Compact with The People of Jammu . The final report of the Central government-appointed Group of Interlocutors for Jammu and Kashmir has ruled out a return to the pre

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the irrevocable accession of the state of Jammu & Kashmir to India; the subsequent wars inflicted by Pakistan on constrained to record in his report of that “I was .. appointed an interlocutor to talk to the elected representatives as. Paradise at War: A Political History of Kashmir eBook: Radha Kumar: site Store. than Radha Kumar to offer an acutely perceptive and deeply empathetic view of Jammu and Kashmir It is a Drawing on her experience as a government interlocutor, Kumar chastises the Indian . Comment Report abuse . Posts about Kashmir interlocutors report written by Shivam Vij. of India to hold dialogue with all the sections of the society in Jammu and Kashmir. was released on 24 by the Ministry of Home Affairs .pdf here).

America wants to bring Taliban in Afghanistan into some kind of political embrace. For this to happen, Pakistan seems to have insisted that conditions be created for them to move this American endeavour along.

Since American President Donald Trump has put himself in a spot where he cannot pull out his troops from Afghanistan till there is some modicum of stability there. The U.

Returning Of Sovereignty To Kashmiris Best Option For India – OpEd

To recap, here is what the U. India and Pakistan, they have their own issues that they have to continue to work through, but I think there are areas where perhaps even India can take some steps of rapprochement on issues with Pakistan to improve the stability within Pakistan and remove some of the reasons why they deal with these unstable elements inside their own country.

If he has taken on the job it is best to assume that he has been given reasonable assurances that his path forward will not be paved with predictable failures.

Shortly thereafter, he dispatched his Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, with a loudhailer and he spent four days telling whoever cared to listen that he was prepared to meet anyone who wanted to meet him, a coy reference to separatist theologists of various affiliations residing in the Valley.

In September, the Pakistani Army chief General Qamar Jawed Bajwa, in his annual Defence Day speech, almost contrapuntally, signalled a thaw, calling for a dialogue on Jammu and Kashmir, an idea he threw in as garnishing amidst the usual military-type teeth-gnashing that happens on such occasions.

Around the same time, the Pakistani Foreign Minister, Khwaja Mohammed Arif, sort of inadvertently let it slip that it is sort of true that Lashkars and Jaish had a free-ish run inside Pakistan and kind of admitted that Pakistan needed to get on top of that situation to demonstrate to the world that reality was not the other way around.

So far, so good.

The first is that he will have the services of the Intelligence Bureau to fall back on in order to finesse his task, whatever that is. Kashmiris have come to this pass several times before.

Nearly two decades after the constitutional empowerment of local bodies in rural and urban areas in the rest of the country, the State Government has finally agreed to empower local bodies by amending the Jammu and Kashmir Panchayati Raj Act in April Such empowerment would have been automatic, but for the inapplicability of this part of the Indian Constitution in the State.

And finally, on feasibility, consider the suggestions to take forward the consensus on economic self-reliance of the State.

We should have acted on interlocutors' report on Kashmir: Chidambaram

One of the key suggestions made is that the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Limited NHPC makes a special concession to the State by enhancing the share of power from 12 to 30 and eventually to per cent. It needs to be clarified that 12 per cent is only the share of free power available to every Indian state where the NHPC has projects; additional power can be downloadd.

Having said that, such a concession would be hard to make in the light of the commercial logic that underlies the generation of electricity as explained in an interesting case related to the rights of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to levy electricity duty on generation of electric energy by the NHPC.

Therefore, if So the State will be able to claim per cent power only if the entire logic of commercial production is changed.

Several other issues raised in the report can similarly be debated by experts in the political, social, economic and cultural realms. Ansari — suggested a future-oriented approach one that takes into full account the strategic, political, economic and cultural changes in the State, in India as a whole, in the South-Asian region and beyond, as a result of globalisation should enable all stakeholders to reach a rapid agreement on the Articles of the Constitution of India.

The report was uploaded on Thursday on the website of the Union Home Ministry for the benefit of the public at large. The Government still hasn't taken any decision on the report.

The interlocutors' report was placed in public domain two days after the Budget Session of Parliament ended, and at a time when Home Secretary-level talks are being held between India and Pakistan in Islamabad. The group of interlocutors had held extensive deliberations with the State government, political parties, civil society, stakeholders at the State and national levels. They submitted their report to the Union Home Minister P.

Chidambaram on October 12, , exactly a year after their appointment. Padgaonkar later said that interlocutors haven't recommended abolition of Article By any standard, delegations, totalling nearly people, is too large a sample to be ignored.

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Overview of J&K

Hopefully, the probe would bring out the truth about secret graveyards and Indian agenda for Kashmir. Dar, from a village in Shopian, had left his home to report back to duty last week.


Three Kashmir interlocutors, M. This brings us to the proverbial elephant in the Kashmir room, Pakistan and that major sahib across the border or the line of control, as the case may be.