How to develop maximum strength, speed, power, muscle and unstoppable conditioning, in 3 hours per week or less. Jon Bruney's Neuro-Mass provides the . Neuro Mass Docx - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. dfdf. The following in an excerpt from Jon Bruney's book "Neuro-Mass": These exercises teach body proper alignment and output for maximum strength. The explosive drills in Neuro-Mass recruit your fast-twitch muscle fibers.

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Neuro-Mass. The Ultimate System for Spectacular Strength. By Jon Bruney. PDF eBook, pages. Read the foreword by Marty Gallagher for Neuro-Mass. Jan 9, If you're looking for a time efficient quick workout that is scientifically and anecdotally proven to build size and strength and help with. Sep 28, Neuro-Mass gives you the exact protocols you need to create an impressive, functional, athletic physique, combining the best kettlebell.

E-book is very important thing for us to understand everything in the world. Each reserve has different aim as well as goal; it means that reserve has different type.

Some people sense enjoy to spend their time to read a book. They are reading whatever they take because their hobby is usually reading a book. Think about the person who don't like reading a book? Sometime, man or woman feel need book whenever they found difficult problem as well as exercise.

Heather Snyder: Nowadays reading books be a little more than want or need but also turn into a life style. This reading practice give you lot of advantages. These exercises have been used for centuries as a way to build unbelievable strength. Many legendary strongmen have successfully incorporated isometrics into their training regimens. A notable example was the amazing Alexander Zass. Zass was known for his ability to break chains and bend bars.

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But his most remarkable feats of strength also included: Carrying a horse around his shoulders. Catching a woman fired from a cannon. Walking with a piano strapped to his back. Lifting a pound girder with his teeth. Being able to absorb punches to his abdomen. So how did Zass build his amazing strength?

Zass himself credited his extensive use of isometrics. While he was a prisoner of war he performed isometric pulls on his chains and prison bars. Isometrics can also be performed using only your bodyweight.

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These are intense contractions resulting from you tensing the muscles and tendons in a flexed position. Many great strongmen have used this technique including Mike Dayton who won Mr.

America two times. His feats included breaking police handcuffs, snapping baseball bats in two, and even bending quarters.

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Among the feats in my own strength repertoire, my favorite one to perform is called the Human Link. This involves having two Harley Davidson motorcycles attached to my arms.

The feat requires me to resist the motorcycles as they attempt to take off in opposite directions, essentially trying to pull me in two. While the feat is extraordinarily difficult to perform, the method I employ to do it is quite simple. I perform an isometric contraction against the resistance of the two motorcycles. And without my extensive background in isometric training, this feat would be impossible to accomplish.

Now lets look at how these three types of exercises are incorporated into the Neuro-Set.

For chest and upper body development a kettlebell Neuro-Set could look like this:. These articles and experiments were a result of me taking a deep deep dive into the world of HIT training - training popularised by Arthur Jones back in the 's.

But for a quick overview read this definition: The training focuses on performing quality weight training repetitions to the point of momentary muscular failure. The training takes into account the number of repetitions, the amount of weight, and the amount of time the muscle is exposed to tension in order to maximize the amount of muscle fiber recruitment.

You do this using controlled movements with even force loading on the muscle and you ensure you keep constant tension on the muscle at all times. There was one problem with the Body By Science approach.

After 18 months training this way I got bored. I liked this protocol as I could use a barbell and body weights, and it still utilised some of the 'time under tension' concepts I had great success with. But to cut a long story short - this Neuro-Mass protocol was too much for me.


The volume was too high, the workouts too long I missed the short workouts , and it was too hard to get quality sets in without form breaking down. And after a good year of tweaking, I've found the perfect protocol. It's so simple you're going to have your doubts. But it's working for me and my clients , and I know it will work for you.

Remember, this is simply based Jon Bruneys Neuro-Mass protocol. The Grind: Bench Press barbells or a machine , non-lockout, 5 second tempo, full range of motion with a weight that you can only move for seconds.

The Explosion: Immediately drop to the floor and do 6 explosive pushups clap pushups if you can do them, otherwise explosive pushups trying to get up as fast as possible is ok.

The Hold: Grab the back of a sturdy chair, or each side of a 20kg plate and try and crush it using your chest.It's a 20minute full body extremely intense workout that you only need to do once a week.

YES It is easy? It's so simple you're going to have your doubts. Next Post.

When you see the list of exercises Jon has put together in Neuro-Mass — using just your bodyweight or Kettlebells — you will be amazed. Isometrics - This category of exercise is performed while maintaining a static position.

The feat requires me to resist the motorcycles as they attempt to take off in opposite directions, essentially trying to pull me in two. All authors revised the work and have approved the final version.